What’s wrong with Loki?

When he was barely a month old, Loki was found outside and brought to our shelter by a caring person. Upon his arrival, Loki’s worrisome condition requires the immediate attention of our veterinary team.

An exam reveals that Loki’s rib cage is completely flattened, which explains his severe respiratory problems. Our veterinarians evaluate all possibilities to correct this serious malformation, knowing that without this intervention, Loki will not survive. We must act quickly!

Every minute counts

We go forward with a high-risk surgery by installing a splint in the hope of reshaping his thorax. This necessary surgery lasts more than 40 minutes and requires many veterinary follow-ups to verify that the operation delivers the expected results.

Despite the worry and uncertainty, the correction of Loki’s rib cage is proving to be a success! A loving family now takes care of this little kitten and offers him all the attention he truly deserves.

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“At our clinic, we are ready for any eventuality! And we make every effort to relieve the pain and suffering of animals in distress. – Dr. Carole-Anne Laurin

Our team needs new tools to continue responding to emergencies

1 operating table, $5,000

2 fluid therapy pumps, $1,400

1 otoscope for ear exams, $100 

1 Wood’s lamp for skin exams, $75

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