Zygo and Zinnia won’t be making the trip 

A heartbreaking scene   

Imagine the scene: two cats bask in their guardian’s happiness as she packs her bags. They play in the cardboard boxes and paw at the bubble wrap.   

The first, Zygo, rubs up against his human’s legs, while Zinnia, the second, chases a Styrofoam packing peanut at full speed. Wherever their human wants to go, they’re ready to be part of the adventure.  

A truck is parked out front and the apartment gradually empties. There are fewer and fewer boxes. Soon, all that’s left is a litter box, a large bag of kibble ripped open on the kitchen tiles, and a trickle of water running from the bathroom faucet.   

Their sobbing guardian places a kiss on Zygo’s forehead, another on Zinnia’s, before locking the door behind her. It’s at this moment that Zygo and Zinnia realize they are won’t be going on a trip… 

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We can only imagine 

We’ll never know the real story of Zygo and Zinnia. However, after hearing hundreds of similar tales, this is what we imagine.   

Zygo and Zinnia were found in an empty unit in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough, before a kind neighbour brought them to the Montreal SPCA.   

“We hear heartbreaking stories like Zygo and Zinnia’s every day. The rising cost of living and the lack of affordable, animal-friendly housing is putting more and more pressure on the organizations, like the Montreal SPCA, that make up the social safety net,” explains Anthony Johnson, Executive Director. 

Fortunately, these two felines spent only a few days at the shelter before being adopted by loving families. 

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