Special Placements

The Montreal SPCA collaborates with a large network of Rescue Organizations, Sanctuaries, and other shelters. The goal is to partner with other organizations, transferring animals out due to overpopulation and special needs, and by transferring animals in with the vision of assisting other shelters with over-populations when possible, reducing the risk to pets in shelter. **Please note that this service does not apply to citizens wishing to abandon their animals.**

Transfer IN information

Any shelter wishing to partner with the Montreal SPCA must fill out a transfer request form in its entirety, and attach a copy of the animal’s medical file, and behavior evaluation, along with a photo (jpeg) of the animal. All animals transferred from other shelters must be vaccinated before arrival, and be transported with a vaccination certificate and medical exam by a licensed Vet, unless agreed upon in writing by an authorized employee of the Montreal SPCA.

The Montreal SPCA reserves the right to accept or decline any transfer. Please note that the form needs to be filled out for each animal coming in, with the required documents attached. Once the questionnaire filled, you can send via email to tbenoit@spcamontreal.com

If you are a shelter and wish to transfer animals to the Montreal SPCA, please click here to access the transfer request form that must be filled out with every transfer request.

Transfer OUT Information

  • If you are a Rescue organization or Sanctuary wishing to assist an Montreal SPCA shelter animal and are already a Montreal SPCA approved organization, please communicate directly with Tammie Benoit, Special Placements Coordinator via email tbenoit@spcamontreal.com, or by telephone 514-735-2711 ext 2238 for any animals you wish to help.
  • If you are a rescue organization or sanctuary and you wish to assist a Montreal SPCA shelter animal, but you are not already a Montreal SPCA approved organization or have not worked with the Montreal SPCA in the last year, please click here to access the Rescue Questionnaire. Please fill out the questionnaire in its entirety and send via email to tbenoit@spcamontreal.com. The special placements coordinator will treat your questionnaire and contact you as soon as possible to further discuss our policies and procedures.

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