Placement Program for Former Montreal Carriage Horses

In partnership with the City of Montreal, the Montreal SPCA, has created a placement program for former carriage horses in order to provide them a peaceful retirement after having worked in Montreal.

The program is intended for carriage horse owners who wish to place their horses in adoptive homes after the ban on horse-drawn carriages comes into effect on December 31, 2019. In exchange for the surrender of their animals, owners will receive $1,000 in financial compensation per horse. The Montreal SPCA will then place the horses into adoptive homes appproved by Galahad, the Quebec Association for the Protection of Horses. Galahad’s approval process includes a home visit to ensure potential adopters are serious and able to provide high quality care. Amongst other requirements, adoptive homes will have to commit to not selling the horse, including at auction or to a slaughterhouse, not using the animal for commercial purposes, and to allowing visits from the horse’s former owner once a year.

In the event a permanent adoptive home cannot be found right away, horses will be temporarily placed at one of Galahad’s partner shelters until an appropriate adoptive home can be found.

The program will be in effect from May 1, 2019, to April 30, 2021.

The following eligibility criteria must be met to participate:

— Be the owner of a carriage horse working in Montreal;

— Authorize the City of Montreal to have a veterinarian examine the horse and send the exam results to the Montreal SPCA (veterinary costs will be covered by the City);

— Authorize the City of Montreal to perform a Coggins test on the horse and send the results to the Montreal SPCA (test fees will be covered by the City)*;

— Authorize the Montreal SPCA to promote the horse on Galahad’s website as soon as the animal’s registration in the program is confirmed.

*The SPCA reserves the right to refuse a horse who tests positive for Coggins.

To participate in the program

You must fill out the online registration form. Please note that you provide a recent photo of each horse you wish to register in the program. If you cannot provide a photo, please call us at 514-735-2711, extension 2228, or write to us at galahad@live.ca.

Your request will be processed based on the date we receive it and the date you would like us to take possission of your horse. Once your horse is deemed eligible, a representative from the Montreal SPCA will contact you to coordinate the transfer. Please make sure you include a valid email address and phone number.

If you have any questions or have trouble filling out the form, please call us at 514-735-2711, extension 2228, or write to us at galahad@live.ca.

  • Horse’s information

  • (Please specify the state of the flesh and hooves, and if the horse has pulmonary or vision issues, injuries, illnesses [lameness] or other.)
  • Please provide details on the horse’s temperament.
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