23 cats from Abitibi

Two mothers, ten kittens and many more cats arrived at the shelter.

The Montreal SPCA has just lent a hand to the Abitibi-Ouest SPCA, which is dealing with a serious animal overpopulation problem. Thanks to our neonatal program and foster families, we were able to take in 23 cats, including two litters of unweaned kittens. After traveling over 650 kilometers with Freedom Drivers volunteer Yanick Beaudin, the cats got the attention they deserve from our specialized teams.
Our animal health technicians and veterinarians started by examining the cats and sterilizing those who were old enough. In just a few days, seven had already found happy homes and two were placed in foster homes to improve their socialization.

A loving foster family will care for one momma cat and her few-week-old kittens until they can be adopted, while another experienced family has taken in four kittens whose mother was no longer taking care of them.

Care for two sick cats

Camelya, mother of four newborns, and nine-month-old Bernadette are currently receiving veterinary care. Camelya has mastitis and a respiratory infection, while Bernadette’s hip was dislocated and an old injury—a fracture to her right femur—continues to be of concern. Our team will soon perform surgery to help her heal and make her comfortable again.
Meanwhile, Camelya’s kittens are being bottle-fed and receiving the very best care in by a foster family.

Ginger and her six kittens

Arriving at the shelter at just three weeks old, Thomas, Jessica, Angelo, Asher, Avery and Peter were placed with their mother, Ginger, in a foster family. They are all doing well, and these little balls of fur are slowly but surely gaining weight. In a few weeks, they may very well be up for adoption, ready to find their forever homes.

Endings like this are made possible thanks to the support of people like you who care about animal welfare. A special thank you to the Freedom Drivers volunteers who brought us the cats and to all of our donors who support us in giving animals a second chance at life.

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