Newborn Kittens and Puppies: 250 Lives Saved  By a Generous Lifesaving Investment! 

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Newborn Kittens and Puppies: 250 Lives Saved  
By a Generous Lifesaving Investment! 

Petco Love, in partnership with BOBS® from Skechers® is granting $50,000 to the Montreal SPCA 

Montréal, June 13, 2024 – Summertime doesn’t mean vacation time for the Montreal SPCA—quite the opposite! Summer is a very busy time at the shelter. In addition to the many surrenders caused by moving, it’s also the time of year when babies are born. Fortunately, the SPCA can now count on the support of Petco Love, in partnership with BOBS® from Skechers® who, together, are investing $50,000 this year to support the Montreal SPCA’s Neonatal Program for orphaned kittens and puppies.  

This lifesaving investment is part of a month-long series of grant presentations and adoptions hosted by Petco Love and BOBS from Skechers throughout North America, adding to more than $11 million in donations from sales of the BOBS® from Skechers® collection—funding that has helped save and support over 2 million animals in need since its start in 2015. 

A program that helps tiny, vulnerable animals  

Every spring, the SPCA takes in entire litters of orphaned, unweaned kittens and puppies. In 2023, 250 newborns were entrusted to the shelter who saved their lives. In 2019, we founded the Neonatal Program for orphaned kittens (and now also for orphaned puppies), a network of extremely dedicated foster families trained to provide a home and care for unweaned babies. This is no easy task. The kittens and puppies have to be kept warm, fed every three hours, cleaned, weighed and carefully monitored. Once weaned, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and healthy, they are put up for adoption.  

The survival rate for our kittens and puppies is over 90%. The Program, which costs $100,000 annually, has now run for five years on a generous bequest by Mary Phelan. We’re always on the lookout for new sources of funding to ensure the Program’s survival, and this partnership with Petco Love and BOBS from Skechers couldn’t have come at a better time. The footwear brand stands out for its commitment to animal welfare organizations and shelters, donating a portion of its profits to them.  

The Montreal SPCA is pleased to work with partners like Petco Love and Skechers to save pets lives. Companies and organizations that demonstrate this level of commitment prove that there’s strength in numbers, and that together we can make a real difference in the community.  

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About the Montreal SPCA 

Founded in Montréal in 1869, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (now known simply as the Montreal SPCA) was the first animal welfare organization in Canada. The SPCA has come a long way since its foundation. It is now the largest animal welfare organization in Quebec, speaking on behalf of animals wherever there is ignorance, cruelty, exploitation or neglect. 


About BOBS® from Skechers® 

BOBS from Skechers’ charitable collection of shoes, apparel and accessories have improved animals’ lives: over the past eight years, Skechers has contributed more than $11 million to help over 2 million shelter pets, including saving more than 1.6 million rescued animals in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Japan. It all started in 2011, when Skechers launched a movement to support children impacted by natural  

new pairs of shoes to kids in more than 60 countries worldwide. To learn more about BOBS from Skechers’ commitment to making a difference, visit BOBSfromSkechers.com and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram. 

About Petco Love 
Petco Love is a life-changing nonprofit organization that makes communities and pet families closer, stronger, and healthier. Since our founding in 1999 as the Petco Foundation, we’ve empowered animal welfare organizations by investing nearly $400 million in adoption and other lifesaving efforts. We’ve helped find loving homes for more than 6.8 million pets in partnership with Petco and organizations nationwide. Our love for pets drives us to lead with innovation, creating tools animal lovers need to reunite lost pets, and lead with passion, inspiring and mobilizing communities and our more than 4,000 animal welfare partners to drive lifesaving change alongside us. Is love calling you? Join us. Visit PetcoLove.org or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Threads, and LinkedIn to be part of the lifesaving work we lead every day. 

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