A New Life for Simone

In June 2017, the SPCA Investigations and Inspections Department received a complaint regarding a dog who had been living alone outside for two years, deprived of any human contact.

During their many visits, our inspectors observed that the dog was confined to a backyard with merely a shed and porch to shelter her from the elements. Because the legal requirements for keeping a dog permanently outdoors were met, there were unfortunately no infractions with respect to which our inspectors could intervene.


However, at the end of October, thanks to their relentless work, our inspectors finally succeeded in sensitizing the dog’s guardian who agreed to give her up to the SPCA in hopes of finding her a new family. From her arrival at the shelter, the dog, named “Simone”, was taken into the care of our veterinary team, vaccinated, sterilized, and treated for her many health problems. She was then adopted by an employee, and has finally found happiness in her new forever home.

News from Simone’s family

“Simone has adjusted very well to her new home. She now lives with another dog and two cats. Although she is quite independent, she sometimes shares her water bowl with a cat. She loves taking over the couch, where you’ll find her snoring for hours. Simone has a rather reserved personality, but doesn’t hesitate to show her enthusiasm for walks and treats :)” – Simone’s adoptive mom


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