The Touching Stories of Buddy and Sebastian

We need efficient and reliable medical equipment to be able to keep up with our surgery schedule and provide our animals with the care they deserve. Thanks to this equipment, Buddy and Sebastian got their second chance. Give the gift of a second chance.

Buddy’s story, because dental equipment can save lives

With functioning dental equipment, our veterinary team can perform an average of two dental procedures per day (that’s more than 500 procedures per year) to help animals just like Buddy, who was suffering from a painful dental problem.  

When he arrived at the shelter, two-year-old Buddy had a severe and painful case of gingivitis, making it extremely difficult for us to examine him. Despite being nervous and stressed, Buddy was a sweetheart! Our teams did everything in their power to give him his second chance at life…

Buddy was finally able to start eating again

Buddy needed to be put under general anesthesia to examine his mouth. Following on two veterinary recommendations, we knew all of Buddy’s teeth needed to be removed because it was the safest option to make him comfortable again. It would be a long and complex surgery, but if everything went as planned, Buddy would be a heathy and happy cat once again.   

Thankfully, the surgery went well, and this lively cat was back on his feet in no time. He’s now able to enjoy a long, happy life with his loving adoptive family.

You can help our clinic continue to operate on animals in need. Donate today to help us get the equipment we need to care for other animals like Buddy.

February is Pet Dental Health Month. 
Did you know? Most adult dogs and cats have a dental disease that causes discomfort? 

Needing some Breathing Room – Sebastian’s story

An oxygen generator is an essential device that provides oxygen to all animals at the clinic that are put under anesthesia for surgery. Without a reliable oxygen generator, Sebastian’s story could have ended very differently.

Found as a stray and brought to the SPCA by a kind soul, Sebastian was suffering greatly from a severely infected wound on his tail. After running several tests on Sebastian, our veterinary team determined that the best course of action would be to amputate his tail…

Approximately 30 animals undergo surgery every day at the Montreal SPCA. Whether it’s a simple, routine procedure or a more complex operation, all animals need oxygen when they’re put under anesthesia. 

All is well for Sebastian

Sebastian’s surgery went smoothly, and he was adopted within 24 hours of being medically discharged. Without a functioning oxygen generator, our veterinary team wouldn’t have been able to perform Sébastian’s surgery as quickly as they did.    

If he could talk, Sebastian would certainly say thank you! It’s thanks to your support that he received the care he needed so quickly and that he was able to find his forever home. 

He has already found his favorite places in the house. The amputation of his tail does not seem to bother him at all and he seems to be healing very well. I truly believe that Sebastian was the perfect cat for us – Sebastian’s family.

Your donations help us continue our work at the clinic. Thanks to your generous support, we can provide proper and comprehensive care to thousands of animals each year and give them a second chance at life.

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