Citizen Involvement

in the 2018 Provincial Elections

It’s time to make your voice heard!

Are you concerned about animal welfare issues? Do you want the next government to give them importance? Here is what you can do.


What you can do

On behalf of animals in Quebec, we thank you for your commitment!

  1. Write, call or – better yet – meet the candidates in your riding in person and tell them that animal welfare is something you care about. Review our Questions for Candidates and Explanatory Sheets (see below) for inspiration for your requests and discussions.

  2. Let the candidates know that you are not the only one who cares by telling them about the recent Léger Marketing survey, which revealed that 72% of the Quebec population considers it important for candidates to address provincial issues affecting animals during their election campaigns.

  3. Attend the debates that are held in your riding to ask questions related to animal welfare. Take a look at our Questions for Candidates for inspiration.