Compassion in Action at The Montreal SPCA – now that is worth celebrating!

Today, the Montreal SPCA celebrates its 148th birthday. When I started working at the organisation, over nine years ago, it was hard to imagine that we would have come this far. At that time, we were fighting to obtain even the most basic protection for companion animals in Quebec – never mind working on getting the public – and government – to make changes to ensure the protection of all animals. However, here we are, nearly a decade later, we have come so far, but still have so much work to do.

Since 1869, our organisation has grown to be one of the largest and most progressive animal protection organisations in Canada. Now, more than ever, I feel it is important to highlight the work of my colleagues, both staff and volunteers, who work unconditionally to protect and speak out on behalf of those who have no voice – the animals. We will always be the voice for animals by offering pet adoption services, pursuing rescue, investigative and advocacy work, and tackling the pet overpopulation with proactive and progressive programs.

Here are just some of the ways in which the Montreal SPCA has been – and will continue – working to ensure greater protection and inspire compassion for all animals :

learn_more_gCreating safer and kinder communities for both people and animals

learn_more_gRescuing animals from abuse and neglect through our investigative work and improving animals’ lives through our advocacy work

learn_more_gEncouraging compassion for all animal lovers: knowledge is empowerment

learn_more_gTackling pet overpopulation: preventing needless euthanasia

learn_more_gFront line education: from abandonment prevention to adoption


Today is the Montreal SPCA’s 148th Birthday, and I would like to say thank you to all the devoted individuals who help further our mission and who make the Montreal SPCA the organisation that it is today. Thank you to our staff and incredible volunteers who work day in and day out, committed to our cause. Thank you to all the people who support our work: you give us the energy, the resources and the hope we need in the most difficult times.


Me_Alanna_DevineMe Alanna Devine B.A., B.C.L., LL.B.-  Director of Animal Advocacy

Me Alanna Devine is a member of the Quebec and Ontario bar. She has worked at the Montreal SPCA for over nine years. Before the SPCA, Alanna clerked at the Supreme Court of Canada and obtained degrees in civil and common law from the McGill University Faculty of Law after completing a bachelor’s degree in Criminology. As Director of Animal Advocacy, she oversees the Investigations and Inspections Department, the Advocacy Department and works primarily on improving the protection of animals on a municipal, provincial and federal level as well as leading awareness campaigns on important animal issues. Alanna is also an avid vegan baker and has adopted a blind dog from the SPCA. (© Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals)

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