Concerned for her survival

Hundreds of animals are abandoned each year at the Montreal SPCA because they need urgent and expensive medical care. We need your support to be able to take them in and properly offer this life-saving care. Please, make a donation now to save animals in need, like Poulette, a seven-month-old kitten.

To Poulette’s rescue

When she arrived at the SPCA, Poulette was not well—in fact, her condition was critical. The little cat needed emergency care and, without out it, she would have died. She was immediately given painkillers to relieve her intense abdominal pain.

Having vomited all the food and water she had ingested over the past few days, the poor kitty was completely dehydrated and had lost a lot of weight. Concerned for her survival, we had to act fast.

Our veterinary team quickly discovered several foreign objects obstructing her intestine.

She was operated on to find what was causing so much pain and remove it without delay. The intervention took over 90 minutes to clear Poulette’s digestive tract, obstructed by four rubber bands and a good handful of hair.

Saved in extremis, Poulette recovered without further issue. Her healing went smoothly, thanks to post-operative follow-ups and the attentive care she received from our animal health technicians.

The care Poulette received is estimated to cost $1,500

Interventions like this require state-of-the-art tools, a veterinary team on hand to act in an emergency and sustained post-operative care to ensure the animal’s complete recovery. When you make a donation to the Montreal SPCA, you directly help animals in distress, like Poulette, who deserve a second chance.

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