Keeping animals safe when fleeing violence

Last winter, to ensure her safety, Stéphanie* had to go to a shelter for victims of violence. Unfortunately, her two dogs, Choco and Muscade, were not allowed to come, too. With the help of a social worker from the Montréal Crime Victims Assistance Centres (CAVAC) and our special shelter program, she entrusted the care of her faithful companions to the Montreal SPCA (even though it broke her heart to be separated from them!) 

When people, like Stéphanie, are going through tough times, we have to act quickly to find foster homes for their companion animals. It’s thanks to your donations that we can coordinate these efforts. 

Staying for the love of a furry friend 

According to a study by the University of Windsor in Ontario, 56% of women fleeing domestic violence say they delayed leaving their abuser because they feared for their animal’s safety. 

We made sure to find a foster home for Choco and Muscade so that Stéphanie could receive all the help she needed for her well-being and safety. During their stay, Stéphanie often asked us how her companions were doing. She was grateful to know her animals were safe—it helped her focus on healing. 

“Sometimes, the SPCA gives people the chance to get out of a bad situation.”

— Valérie Corbet, domestic violence worker, CAVAC Montréal

If you can, please support our special shelter program, which enables us to protect vulnerable animals.

* For confidentiality, names and photos have been changed.


  • 105 animals were helped through our Special Shelter Program (that’s more than double last year). 
  • Over 10 tonnes of animal food were redistributed. 
  • 32 food banks received our help. 
  • 4 training sessions were given to community centres accepting animals. 

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