Cosmetic Animal Testing Banned in Canada

On June 22, 2023, Canada made history when federal bill C-47, which includes a ban on cosmetic animal testing, was passed! Starting December 22, 2023, the bill’s provisions will prohibit such testing in Canada, the sale of cosmetics that rely on animal testing data (with some exceptions) and false or misleading labelling pertaining to these tests. 

Many thousands of animals endure a life of suffering in laboratories around the world, all for the purpose of testing cosmetic products such as mascara and shampoo. These tests involve products being force-fed to animals or a concentrated dose being applied to their shaved skin or directly into their eyes over a period of several days. 

This ban comes as a long-awaited response to the concerns of Canadians who oppose this unnecessary and painful practice. At long last, Canada is joining the ranks of over 40 countries that already ban or limit cosmetic testing on animals! 

But what will this ban change in Canada once it comes into force on December 22, 2023? 

  • Testing cosmetics or their ingredients on animals will be illegal in Canada. 
  • Cosmetic manufacturers will no longer be able to sell any cosmetics in Canada that have been tested on animals after Dec 22, 2023 (although there will be some exceptions). 
  • Companies will be able to continue to sell their old products on the Canadian market that were tested on animals before this date. 
  • Claims such as “cruelty-free” and “not tested on animals” will be overseen by Health Canada and will therefore be more reliable. At the minister’s request, companies will need to provide evidence for these claims. 
Thank you to everyone who contacted their political representatives to ban cosmetic testing on animals. This victory is thanks to you! 

Credit : We Animals Media