Looks like the shelter has a tough summer ahead

The increase in abandonments (21% during the first four months of the year!), combined with the peak season that’s just getting underway, makes us fear the worst for the coming summer. The impact of the rising cost of living continues to be felt at the shelter. Animals are abandoned every day because their families have simply run out of resources. 

Summer is the high season at the shelter, which puts a lot of financial pressure on our organization.

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Résilience was another victim of the housing crisis

Recently, a woman regretfully entrusted her dog to us, as she couldn’t find housing that allowed companion animals. Young Résilience arrived at the shelter frightened and disorientated. His family left with broken a heart, hoping that we—with your help—could give their four-legged friend a second chance.   

Fortunately, the tide has turned for Résilience and another family has taken him in with open arms. But as fewer and fewer people have leases that allow companion animals, how are we going to find homes for all the abandoned animals this summer?