Cupid at work: An unlikely duo 

The Annexe of love  

Sometimes, when cats need a little more time to adjust after arriving at the shelter, we place them in larger enclosures in a secluded, quiet room commonly known as “the Annexe.”  

In the past, cats have gotten out of these enclosures that are less sealed off than our regular cages and were found roaming through the Annexe the next morning. What had never happened before now, however, was a cat repeatedly escaping to go snuggle with a furry companion in a different enclosure! Believe it or not, this is actually what Ernest the cat did several times, just to be close to his new friend Magellan. 

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Better together

Their love for one another turned out to be a blessing in disguise for both cats, but especially for Ernest, who had refused to eat since arriving at the shelter. Magellan, who was once wary of humans, is now much more comfortable around us bipeds. To ensure their well-being at the shelter, we decided to make their cohabitation official during their stay. Ernest and Magellan were even adopted together by a loving family who welcomed the adorable duo with open arms.

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