Most dogs and cats will suffer from dental disease at some point in their lifetime

February is all about caring for your animal’s dental health because, keeping their teeth healthy is much more than just eliminating their bad breath.   

This month is dedicated to providing information on how to maintain your animal’s dental health. Without proper care, most of them will suffer from serious and painful complications later in life.

That’s why caring for your animal’s dental health is crucial to avoid all sorts of problems. Here are three ways you can incorporate your pet’s dental hygiene into your daily routine!  

1. Clean your cat or dog’s teeth regularly (it’s just as important as brushing your own teeth every day!).

To brush your pet’s teeth, you can use a classic pet toothbrush or a finger brush that slips onto the tip of your finger. There are also different models to choose from, such as silicone or microfibre. You’ll also need a toothpaste that’s specially formulated for animals. In fact, some animal toothpastes even taste good, which will encourage them cooperate with you while you’re brushing their teeth. Also, don’t forget to reward your furry friend while brushing their teeth so you can  make this experience positive and get them used to it.  

2. Give them dental toys specifically designed for chewing and biting.

Not all options on the market are necessarily good for your pet. For instance, avoid very hard items that may cause more harm than good to their dental health. 

3. Bring them for a yearly vet check-up. It’s a must!.

A yearly veterinarian check-up is a good opportunity for you to adjust certain practices to better meet your animal’s evolving needs. Your vet can give you some advice on how to maintain your loyal companion’s oral health, such as suggesting in-clinic dental cleanings or proper nutrition for your companion. There’s no substitute for a visit to the vet! 

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