Who will care for your animals in an emergency?

When an animal owner falls ill or has an accident, their furry friends can quickly find themselves in trouble. In 2023 alone, the Montreal SPCA took in 1,710 animals through emergency services. This underscores just how important it is to remind our friends and family that our animals depend on us, and that someone has to take care of them if we can’t.

That’s why the Montreal SPCA is selling an emergency kit!  

All profits from sales of the kit will go toward the Montreal SPCA’s activities to help other animals in need. 

Taxes and delivery charges are included.

Please note that the kits will be delivered to the address you provide at purchase. 

I want an SPCA kit to make sure my animals are cared for in an emergency 

Veuillez noter que cette page permet de commander la version anglaise de la trousse d’urgence. Pour commander la version française de la trousse, veuillez cliquer ici.

The Montreal SPCA’s locally designed and produced emergency kit includes:

  • A card for your wallet indicating a trusted contact person  
  • A flashing key ring referring to the wallet card  
  • A sticker for your front door, listing the animals to be rescued in an emergency  

Bonus! A sticker for your car or bike telling the world that animal abuse is unacceptable and must be reported.