Forgotten and neglected 

Hope, locked up in a bathroom without food

We believe Hope had been locked in the bathroom of a vacant rental for two days before our patrollers found and rescued her. She was visibly unwell, underweight and suffering from severe skin conditions that required immediate medical attention. A report was filed straight away with our Investigations Division.

Love at first sight for SPCA staff

When she arrived at the shelter, Hope was terrified, hunching up in a corner and looking very scared. But she surprised us by accepting cuddles and comfort from our reception staff—causing quite a flutter! Left in Hope’s file the night she arrived, this note by an animal health technician not only goes to show this puppy’s amazing personality, but also our staff’s attention to the little details:

“Hope is ADORABLE! She loves hypoallergenic treats (the bone-shaped ones) and keeps giving us ‘kisses.’ She let us handle her and examine her belly without any trouble. She’s an absolute sweetheart. We love her already!”

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An inspiring story  

Hope received the medical care, food and attention she needed to get back on her feet. She remains a true source of inspiration and motivation for all of us at the Montreal SPCA.  

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