Found three years later, thanks to her microchip!

It’s always touching to hear about reunions between families and their furry friends! An animal lover recently sent us this story. Not only is it heart-warming, it proves that microchips and tags are the best way to find a lost animal companion—even years after he or she goes missing!

Taffy’s story

I feed stray cats every day. I noticed this little striped tabby in the summer of 2015. She was very shy and wouldn’t let me get close, so I gave her some space. Soon, she was coming every morning for the kibble I left out, and waiting for her supper when I got home from work around 4:30 p.m.. She would even show up on weekends, like clockwork. Over that winter, I saw her come out from under my porch a few times. She was wearing a collar, so I assumed she belonged to a neighbour who wasn’t taking very good care of her.”

Convinced that the owners weren’t offering adequate care, the lady tried to gain the cat’s trust to read her tag. In the spring of 2016, she managed to decipher the registration and telephone numbers of a microchip service. She got the owner’s contact info and called immediately, explaining that the cat was always turning up at her house.

“The owner couldn’t believe her ears—she said it was impossible. Her cat had disappeared three years ago. She was in tears and very emotional, but still skeptical.”

The two women arranged to meet the very next day, at 4:30 p.m. when the cat usually came around for supper and, as always, she padded up to the house right on time. The human friend couldn’t believe her eyes: she had thought her furry friend was gone forever!

“The owner recognized her cat immediately. She gathered her up and pet her, which I could never have done! The cat was purring and the young woman was crying. I must admit it was very moving scene, and I was delighted with this wonderfully happy ending. I lent the owner a cat carrier and she took her kitty home, extremely happy and relieved.”

But how did Taffy end up on the street?

It can happen to anyone! Taffy got out while being looked after at a family member’s house. Since she didn’t know the neighbourhood, Taffy wandered off and got lost. Despite posters, ads on the internet and reward offers, her human friend couldn’t find her.

“Three years later, Taffy finally returned home to her human friend in very good health, apart from a few ear mites. This reunion was only possible because Taffy had a tag and a microchip. Without them, we never would have known where she came from.”

Microchip and tag: A truly effective combination

Did you know that microchipping cats and dogs over six months of age has been mandatory in Montreal since January 1, 2020? At the Montreal SPCA, we offer both microchipping and tag engraving. And Taffy’s story proves that these services are the very best ways to find your animal friend if ever he or she gets lost!

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