From Horror Story to Fairy Tale

Halloween is fast approaching, and the animals at the Montreal SPCA will be dressing up for the occasion to call on your generosity. Even though they enjoy eating treats, they’ll be sniffing out donations!

Behind their sweet faces often lurks a chilling story

Abandoned at a veterinary clinic because of her health problems, Eva needed emergency care the moment she arrived at the SPCA. Sluggish and dehydrated, the poor ferret had been refusing to eat for several days and was no longer defecating. We needed to find out what was wrong as quickly as possible.

She needed to see a vet right away!

The preliminary exam revealed that part of her intestine was blocked by a foreign body that, if not removed quickly, would kill her. After the procedure, Eva required post-operative care and several medical follow-ups to make sure she was recovering well from her operation.

Will you be the hero who comes to the aid of animals in distress? Your gift will help us care for them and turn their horror stories into fairy tales!

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“What animal will come in tomorrow and in what state? We never know, but we have to be prepared for any situation. That’s shelter medicine.”

— Dr. Gabrielle Carrière

To be ready for emergencies, our team needs some new tools

1 operating table, $5,000

2 fluid therapy pumps, $1,400

1 microscope, $400

1 otoscope for ear exams, $100 

1 Wood’s lamp for skin exams, $75

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