Holly and her babies need help

Found in a plastic bin, a mother and her four newborn kittens were brought to the shelter at the end of November. Unfortunately, they were carrying a serious virus and required intensive and urgent care. Support the Montreal SPCA by December 31 and your donation will be doubled to help vulnerable animals like Holly and her babies.

Holly was very skinny and not producing enough milk to feed her four kittens, so they were quickly placed in an experienced foster home. In the days that followed, we realized the little family was seriously ill. They showed fever, significant weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting and lethargy, all symptoms of a virus. Tests revealed that the cats had feline panleukopenia, a highly contagious disease that mainly attacks the digestive system and has a very high death rate in kittens.

Very sick and dehydrated, Holly and her kittens were treated by our veterinary team, who prescribed fluids and many medications. To our dismay, one of the babies died. The others continue to struggle with the virus.

Holly and her three remaining kittens—Sugarplum, Blitzen and Jingle—continue to receive medical care. We are closely monitoring their condition to ensure they gain weight and get well. Please, help us take care of sick animals like this sweet little family. When you donate today as part of our matching gift campaign, your generosity will have double the impact.

Your doubled donation will help 2x as many animals

$150 covers the sterilization of 4 cats
$85 pays for 2 survival kits for orphaned newborn kittens
$70 covers the cost of a complete medical examination for 4 animals
$45 pays 3-days’ room and board for 2 dogs
$20 covers vaccinations for 2 dogs or cats


The Montreal SPCA wants to save more orphaned kittens. Ever growing, our neonatal program will continue in 2021 for a third year. If you are able, please make a donation today. It will be matched by the Bryant-Mapes Fund and help us save more animals.

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