It Takes A Village…

Commitment to animals is not just for individuals. Companies also embrace the cause.

Zorah Biocosmetics supports our mission to end animal testing of cosmetics*. They’ll take 20% off when you use the promotional code SPCA20!

Zorah’s skin care products are not only organic and cruelty-free, they’re also green since Zorah is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its products at every stage of production and distribution.

On top of the 20% discount, Zorah has pledged 15% of the profits of this offer to the Montreal SPCA.

Good for the skin, good for the heart!


* Canada is preparing to ban cosmetic testing on animals. The Government of Canada published detailed provisions to this effect on April 18. If passed, the legislation would prohibit animal testing in Canada, the sale of cosmetic products based on animal testing data (with some exceptions), and false or misleading labeling of cosmetic animal testing.

Continue to follow the Montreal SPCA for any new developments on this issue and visit our page on cosmetic animal testing in Canada for more details.

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