Jack barely looked like a dog

Your support made a little miracle 

When Jack arrived at the shelter, he barely looked like a dog. His fur was long, dirty and tangled. You couldn’t even see his face! His few remaining teeth were in very poor condition, and an untreated dental disease had fractured his jaw! What’s more, we discovered that neither of his front legs was fully formed. Jack really needed help. 

Our medical team had to remove his teeth and repair his fractured jaw, using buttons temporarily attached to his face. And, oh boy, the grooming when he arrived: it was not optional. Jack could finally see his surroundings and the new people who were taking care of him, plus he was able to show us his cute little face! And luckily, his matted fur had not damaged his skin. 

Every day that Jack gets closer to full recovery, we see how exceptional and bubbly this little dog is. His teeth may be gone, but he’s taking a big bite out of life, as if discovering it for the first time. He was born with congenital malformations in his front legs, but he’s always ready to go for a walk. This tiny dog with a big personality asks for cuddles whenever the mood strikes. 

“I sometimes catch him napping in the sunshine, hugging his favourite toy, a squeaky duck. And then I think about just how far he’s come.”

— Jack’s foster family 

Seeing Jack rediscover life every day thanks to the support of generous people like you restores our faith in humanity.   

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