Just in time!

A small miracle

Found on January 5 wandering the streets of Montréal-Nord, the two-year-old Heidi was brought to us in a hurry: she was bleeding. An examination by our team showed she was not injured. Instead, she was about to give birth!

Two hours after her arrival, Heidi delivered four kittens, one of which unfortunately died at birth. In a comfortable and warm setting, our veterinary team provided the kittens and their mum all the care they needed.
Heidi is in perfect health and takes excellent care of her babies, named Obi, Ani and Ren. To provide the feline family with a peaceful environment conducive to their development, we placed them in a foster home.

Your help makes all the difference

Lovely stories like that of Heidi and her babies are possible only because of people’s generosity. Every donation, no matter the amount, truly makes a difference in the quality of care we can offer the animals and in how quickly we can respond in an emergency.

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