Kumquat: The Journey of a Tiny Fighter

Found in the snow in the middle of February   

Kumquat was found in the snow, in a gym parking lot, in Montréal-Nord. Fortunately, the person who spotted him immediately brought the kitten in to the Montreal SPCA. We do a check-up on each orphaned kitten when they arrive at the shelter to make sure their condition is stable. At the time of his admission, Kumquat was about two days old, weighed only 86 g and was too weak to eat.   

It took two hours for Kumquat to regain an adequate body temperature. The fragile kitten was then transferred to a foster family who watched over him very closely and made sure he got better.  

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Kumquats foster home was responsible for keeping him warm, taking his temperature periodically, feeding him with a syringe every three hours, even throughout the night, cleaning him regularly and weighing him after each feeding to carefully monitor his condition. 

Every minute counts   

“When we receive orphans, we contact specialized foster families quickly to see if they can take in one or more kittens. These families are extremely dedicated and qualified. Every minute counts, as the kittens’ immune system is very fragile. The sooner they leave the shelter, the better their chances of survival.”  

-Jessica Nichol, Manager, Clinical Programs  

Thankfully, everything is going according to plan so far for our little Kumquat. Despite his small size, it didn’t take long for his big personality to start shining through in his foster family. Without surprise, He particularly appreciates the flexibility and extra attention he gets frome remote work. 

He will remain in his foster home until he is able to eat on his own and reach the required weight for the SPCA veterinary team to spay, deworm and microchip him. Only then   will he be able to find his new forever home. 

Kumquat was very lucky to be brought to the Montreal SPCA and receive proper care, thanks to the generosity of kind-hearted people like you. Please help ensure that dozens of other kittens are given the same opportunity. Donate today. 

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