“Let’s put an end to dog bites!”

SPAs and SPCAs launch a comprehensive online awareness campaign

campagne_angQuebec, September 22 2016 – The issue of dangerous dogs and “pit bull” type dogs have been in the headlines for several months fueling an emotional public debate. With the City of Montreal’s proposed legislation and the upcoming vote, the AQSS, which regroups several SPAs and SPCAs, hopes to educate Quebec citizens with a comprehensive, online social media campaign, launched on Wednesday, September 21st.

Clear messages and scientific facts

In order to ensure public safety, the AQSS wants the dangerous dog debate to be settled – but, correctly. Public safety and animal welfare are not incompatible. Targeting or prohibiting a breed will not solve the problem; it will make it worse.

“Let stop dwelling on breeds and types of dogs, rather let’s focus on the core issue at hand: the regulation of dangerous dogs. This is the message we wish to convey through our awareness campaign, as public safety is our primary concern”, said Denys Pelletier, president of the AQSS.

Within this campaign, the association puts forward scientific facts, because science has already spoken on this issue. Recently the show Découverte on Radio-Canada presented several facts and arguments demystifying the myths surrounding “Pit bull”-type dogs. These scientific facts are relayed to the public as part of the campaign. The science is categorical:

  •  Any dog could become dangerous, regardless of breed.
  •  Dogs with inappropriate behavior must be controlled and managed
  •  The environment in which a dog is raised, socialized, educated and trained are key factors which shape the behaviour of a dog, regardless of the type or breed.

It is also important to note that breed specific legislation (BSL) is ineffective andunenforceable in the field. To ensure human and animal safety, the government and municipalities must adopt different solutions by applying proven and effective solutions which are supported by experts within the domain. This is what the campaign aims to highlight.

A campaign that gets to the bottom of things

The campaign was designed to put forward strong visuals, aiming to provoke reactions, capture attention and initiate discussion. Through this campaign, the public can discover scientific facts and take a stance via three proposed actions on a website, endthedebate.ca: write to their MNA, sign an online petition against banning pit bull-type dogs and print promotional posters.

The AQSS encourages the provincial government and municipalities, mainly in Montreal, to abolish or not adopt BSL. Rather, SPAs and SPCAs recommend that municipalities adopt measures such as strict penalties to effectively manage dangerous dogs.

About AQSS

The Quebec Association of SPAs and SPCAs (AQSS) regroups a dozen independent organisation who have in common a great expertise in the field of animal protection, control and welfare. Together, they join forces to further their respective missions.

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