Looking for a Special Home for Enzo

Enzo is a 6-year old sweetheart with a great personality who has had a difficult past but is adored by the entire team at the Montreal SPCA. This very special dog is in need of a forever home with committed caretakers because his medical condition requires regular veterinary visits and care that could be costly. Enzo has skin problems that may be time-consuming to manage, since it may take a while to obtain a diagnosis. And until this diagnosis is received, he can’t have the operations he needs for his orthopedic problems (cruciate ligament rupture, a chronic injury affecting both knees in Enzo’s case). The Montreal SPCA has begun treatment and is actively looking for someone residing outside of Montreal who is willing to adopt Enzo and give him the good life he deserves.

Enzo gets along well with other animals and humans too! He has lived not only with canine and feline companions but also chickens and horses. He is very friendly and gentle and enjoys car rides. If you’re at a table, Enzo will most likely join you, since he absolutely loves sitting on chairs for long periods of time!

Would you like to adopt Enzo and make his life better?
Here is what you need to know:

  • His skin issues, likely related to food or environmental allergies, need to be diagnosed before he receives any surgical treatment for his knees, in order to avoid infection. The skin condition will require a specialized diet or a lifelong medication, depending on the diagnosis;
  • The bilateral rupture of the cranial cruciate ligaments (affecting both knees) will probably require two surgeries on the hind legs (first one leg, followed by the second a few months later);
  • Enzo also suffers from osteoarthritis of the elbows, and will require anti-inflammatories (most likely for life) and other medical treatments as needed.

Please note that the adoption of Enzo is a long-term commitment that will require regular veterinary visits as well as care and a special diet that could be rather expensive (up to $250 per month, not including surgery) for the rest of his life.

Despite his health problems, Enzo is a sweet, wonderful dog who deserves to enjoy the pleasures of life! You can help us find the ideal home for him by sharing his story with friends. If you’re interested in adopting him yourself, please contact us at enzo@spca.com.

On behalf of Enzo, the Montreal SPCA team thanks you kindly.


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