Maya and Sacha Want to Thank You

Maya wants to thank you

Maya was running around town in a panic with a torn leash attached to her choker collar when a couple noticed her. After spending an hour following her, the couple managed to catch her and bring her to the SPCA. Several attempts were made to find Maya’s family to no avail. The people reached through her microchip had long since given her up, and no one came forward to retrieve her.  

That’s when the people who had helped Maya a few weeks earlier called us. They had not stopped thinking about her and offered to adopt her! This family of two adults, a teenager and a small older dog was just what Maya needed. They were great adopters and were excited to give the shy dog a special place in their home.  

It’s because of your donations that Maya has found a loving, gentle home that will help her forget her difficult past.  

Donate today and allow us to from more loving families in 2023. 

Little Sacha isn’t so little anymore!   

Do you remember Sacha? She was only 8 days old when she arrived at the shelter with some of her brothers and sisters in late 2022. Their mother became very ill and was unable to care for her babies, so their guardian turned to the Montreal SPCA to give these pups the best chance of survival. Small and fragile, Sacha needed round-the-clock care for several weeks, care that we were able to provide thanks to your donations!

Little Sacha isn’t so little anymore! Today, she’s thriving in a good home, all thanks to your support and the dedicated work of the Montreal SPCA staff. She’s even allowed on the couch—what a lucky girl! 

“I’m thrilled to be able to send you pictures of Sacha, and I’m so happy she’s in my life! – Sacha’s guardian.

Together, let’s help the animals at the Montreal SPCA thrive in 2023.  

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