Let’s equip our vets to save animals

Access to veterinary care has become difficult for many families, and we’re seeing an increase in surrenders for this reason. The growing and urgent need for veterinary care is putting a lot of pressure on us and our medical equipment. We’re asking for your help so we can meet this pressing need. 

From May 13 to 20, donations will be matched by the Fondation Ranger-Doyle*. Double your impact now! 

* Up to a maximum of $15,000. 

Certain pieces of medical equipment are key to fulfilling our mission of caring for animals in need. These include warming pads, infusion warmers, infusion pumps, hydraulic tables, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, doppler, oximeters and electrocautery.

Your donation will enable us to modernize our medical equipment so that we can quickly examine, treat and operate on the hundreds of animals that come through our doors every month.