My first summer with Pax

Thanks to your gift, when an abandoned dog arrives at the shelter, her life will change completely. Pax’s family shares his story…

Pax has come such a long way since the Montreal SPCA found him abandoned in the woods last January, when he was just a tiny puppy. He’s always been afraid of the colour orange (we still don’t know why), but he’s now a curious and courageous dog, who is gentle with both adults and children.

It goes to show how a lot of love, socialization and patience can literally transform the life of an animal, even one who’s had a difficult start.

One thing is clear: my handsome Pax would never have had this second chance without donations from people like you, which enable the Montreal SPCA to completely alter the fate of abandoned animals.”


Your donations open up a world of opportunities and love for animals like Pax, so they can become their best selves and finally have a happy life!

Thank you for giving the animals this second chance at happiness, one adventure at a time.”

– Charlotte Milot, Pax’s mom

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