Our Team’s Favorite Chocolates

With Easter fast approaching, we would like to introduce you to some companies that offer vegan chocolates (free of milk, egg, and other animal-based ingredients). In addition to being truly delectable, these chocolates will delight anyone who is looking for quality products that are respectful of animals. To all animal lovers: enjoy the long weekend with your furry and feathered friends! ?


Prana, a Montreal-based company, offers organic, vegan and gluten-free products. It creates a wide variety of chocolates, including various types of chocolate bark: with almonds and sea salt, with cranberries and nuts, and with hazelnuts and puffed rice.

La Pâtisserie Petit Lapin

This bakery located in Westmount offers products that are free of the top ten allergens, as well as being vegan, gluten-free and low in sugar. Take a look at its Easter collection to see their chocolate bunnies and lollipops.

Le Comptoir Chocolat

This Montreal boutique offers several vegan, organic and fair-trade chocolates. Its Easter collection features coconut and chocolate bunnies as well as bars of dark chocolate with salted caramel and fleur de sel. Visit its website to see all its delicious products.


Made in Quebec with 100% natural, fair-trade cacao, Theobroma brand dark chocolate is certified vegan. Infused with fruit, coffee, Himalayan salt or maple butter, this quality chocolate is available online and in many grocery stores.

Discover more at Herbivores Marché Végétalien

Finally, we invite you to visit the grocery store Herbivores, located on Saint-Denis street in Montreal. There you will find a variety of chocolates without animal ingredients, including items from the Go Max Go and Olivia brands, which will please all palates.


A friendly reminder: Chocolate is toxic to animals, so please make sure to keep all chocolate out of their reach.

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