Red Alert: Become the Animals’ Best Friend

Following Tuesday night’s red alert decree, we must be prepared for every possibility.

If you’ve been thinking about joining the SPCA’s monthly giving community, now is without a doubt the very best time to do so. By donating a small amount each month, you give us the resources to plan our daily activities and support our teams who have been working hard over the last months to provide animals with the very best care.

As you know, the pandemic is affecting us all, and the animals are no exception. Due to lack of resources, some families have brought us their seriously ill animal. Others place their companions in our care because they themselves must be hospitalized. By giving monthly, you allow us to act quickly when animals are in pain or left alone.

Oreo is one such animal. He arrived at the shelter recently, unfortunately following his caregiver’s death. This 10-year-old dog needed dentistry as well as behavioural support to help him get through a difficult time. A Montreal SPCA employee took him in and is helping him rebuild his self-confidence so he can be placed in a new forever home.
Stories like Oreo’s are common at the Montreal SPCA. By donating each month, you are giving dogs like Oreo another chance. In view of the tough times ahead, please opt for monthly giving. In doing so you become an ally of the most vulnerable.

Monthly giving is advantageous, for you and the animals both!

  • Spread out the dollar amount of your choice over 12 months
  • Interrupt or change your payments whenever you wish
  • Receive an official receipt for the total of your donations
  • Help thousands of animals without having to think of it!

On behalf of animals, thank you for being at our side as we prepare for the unexpected. Together, we will come through this trying time stronger so we can continue to save the animals, no matter their circumstances or needs.

If you wish, you can make an emergency donation today to help save helpless animals.

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