Moving season claims another victim

An outstanding rabbit   

Reese came to the shelter because, after having lost his home, her guardian had to quickly relocate to an animal-free location.    

The SPCA staff felt deeply sad and sorry during Reese’s admission, as they gathered information about her history. Accustomed to living in a large pen, not a cage, Reese was litter-box clean and her human always made sure to give her fresh hay and vegetables every day. 

Such unfairness 

“Reese is the perfect example of an animal who should never have ended up at the SPCA. The gentleman clearly loved her and hearing his story broke my heart. He was an ideal guardian. It’s shameful he had to part with his companion for lack of animal-friendly housing. We must change things,” explains Anthony Johnson, Executive Director.  

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A Happy Ending

“Rabbits have to be kept in cages at the shelter because of limited space and biosecurity requirements. However, animal caregivers give them plenty of hiding places and enrichment activities. And our rabbits take turns enjoying daily outings in the pens”, explains Audrey Racine, animal caregiver of exotic companion animals at the Montreal SPCA. 

Fortunately, after staying a little over two weeks at the shelter, Reese was adopted by a loving family who treat her with the utmost care and she is settling in nicely. She’s as affectionate as ever, roams freely around the house, jumps over her new guardians’ legs to play and she LOVES lettuce.

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