Small Victory for Deer in Michel-Chartrand Park

The Superior Court Prohibits the City of Longueuil from Proceeding with a Cull until the application is heard

August 23, 2022

Yesterday, the Honourable Chantal Lamarche, Superior Court Judge in the district of Longueuil, set the date for the hearing of the lawsuit filed last May to halt the planned cull of white-tailed deer in Michel-Chartrand Park. The hearing, in which the Montreal SPCA will participate as an intervenor, will be held on September 28. Until then, the Superior Court has formally prohibited the City of Longueuil from kiling the animals, regardless of the method used. 

In response to the Application for Judicial Review and Safeguard Order filed by Sauvetage Animal Rescue and Longueuil resident Florence Meney, the City of Longueuil had initially agreed to suspend its planned cull of white-tailed deer in Michel-Chartrand Park until the lawsuit could be decided on its merits. Despite this, the City reversed its position last month and announced that it was still planning to proceed with a controlled crossbow hunt this fall in order to reduce the herd by approximately 100 individuals.  

The Montreal SPCA is satisfied with the Superior Court’s decision and will be ready to present its views in the matter at the September 28 hearing, particularly with regard to the City of Longueuil’s choice of method, which presents a high risk of animal suffering. Bow hunting frequently causes wounds that do not kill the target animal instantly, such that the time to death can be prolonged and the animal remains conscious while dying from massive blood loss. 

The Montreal SPCA is represented in this case by Marie-Claude St-Amant, a partner at Melançon Marceau Grenier Cohen, LLP, who also chairs the SPCA’s board of directors. 

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