Special Shelter Program : giving a break to people in vulnerable situations

Reaching out during a difficult time 

Our special shelter program is designed to give people in vulnerable situations a break. The Montreal SPCA offers them peace of mind by taking in their companion until their situation becomes more stable. They may be people with no fixed address, who have been evicted, who need to relocate quickly, who are hospitalized, or who are new arrivals. Since the program’s inception in 2022, it has fostered nearly 60 animals, most of them dogs. 

Since these animals stay with us for an average of 2 to 3 months, we arrange for them to be transferred quickly to specially trained foster families. We do this for the well-being of these animals but also to free up space for others entering the shelter through the usual channels. These cases require special attention, a lot of coordination with different stakeholders and resources. However, this program prevents unnecessary surrenders, keeps families together and provides comfort to people who are already going through a lot of hardship.” – Jamie Saad, Community Projects Manager 

By donating for animals today, you will also be helping vulnerable humans.

Chubby, Shadow and their brave person

Chubby and her brother, Shadow, were taken in by the shelter in February, to help their homeless human while she looked for a suitable home. This brave woman returned a little over a week later, accompanied by a social worker, and made the heartbreaking decision to permanently place Chubby with the SPCA. Her situation prevented her from caring for two dogs at once. The SPCA staff assured her that Chubby was in good hands and provided neutering for Shadow at no cost through our low-income Mittens SPCA Targeted Permanent Sterilization Clinic.   

Chubby has since been adopted by a loving family where he lounges on the couch and shares his daily life harmoniously with 3 feline companions.


Please consider donating today to help other animals like Chubby. 



*It is important to note that the special shelter program is only available through specialized organizations and social workers.

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