The Montreal SPCA welcomes 29 hamsters and 40 mice

At the Montreal SPCA, each new day brings its lot of surprises. This week, a well-intentioned individual asked for our help in saving 29 hamsters and 40 mice. Despite their small size, these adorable little creatures have distinct personalities: some are very sociable, others are a little bit more timid – and that’s great, because it means we’re sure to find the perfect home for each of them!

Mice and hamsters are surprising little critters! Did you know that hamsters can run the equivalent of 7 km or more, in their wheel, each night? Or that mice are excellent climbers? And it just takes a quick look through your recycling bin to find them a great toy, like discarded cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls, which will keep them busy for hours on end!

Adopting a little companion
If you’re thinking about adopting one of these cute little critters, come down and meet them at the Montreal SPCA. Our adoption counselors will be happy to answer any questions you may have and tell you everything you need to know about the long-term commitment that comes with adopting a companion animal… even a very small one!
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Becoming a foster family
Not quite ready to adopt? You can still make a difference: a lot of these little creatures can benefit from a foster home — namely, pregnant females. You can become a foster family by taking a furry little friend into your home and tending to the animal’s needs for a month or longer. Together, with your help, we can provide them with a safe and caring environment, until they find their forever home!
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