Ziggy the explorer

Ziggy is not a cat content to lounge around the house. She is a born explorer…
Believe it not, she loves to perch on her guardian Lian’s shoulders when they go for a walk, which often brings a smile to the faces of the people they meet. In the mountains, Ziggy likes wearing her little harness so that she can enjoy a sense of freedom while staying near Lian.

Ever since Lian adopted Ziggy from the Montreal SPCA, they have been spending time getting to know each other. Ziggy let Lian know that she doesn’t like being cooped up and Lian showed Ziggy that, by giving her some freedom, she trusts that Ziggy will come back to her.

The pair are building a relationship based on mutual respect. The Montreal SPCA’s dedicated adoption service team explains to adopters that animals have distinct personalities which emerge when guardians take the time to understand them and earn their trust.

Alter the fate of abandoned animals
No one knows what trauma Ziggy experienced in her old life, before being taken in by the Montreal SPCA and ending up in Lian’s arms. But we do know that donations by people like you are what caused their paths to cross. Lian could not have imagined a better companion animal than her dear Ziggy. We would like to thank you, on her behalf, for bringing them together.


$35 will cover the cost of microchipping one cat
$50 will pay for two days of care
$75 will pay for sterilization

Thanks for giving animals like Ziggy a second chance at a happy life … and the freedom to roam on beautiful summer days!

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