A Dog Hit by a Car Is Saved by the Montreal SPCA

After being hit by a car, Mia, a 3-year-old dog, was brought to the Montreal SPCA by a good Samaritan who found her in an injured state. Upon her arrival, she was in obvious pain and was struggling to walk. Our veterinary team was immediately able to assess the severity of her injuries using our new X-ray machine.

Mia’s X-rays quickly revealed multiple pelvic fractures. Fortunately, considering her clinical symptoms, surgery was not necessary and Mia’s prognosis was good. She needed to be given painkillers and had to remain immobile for a period of eight weeks to allow her fractured bones to heal. During her recovery, a few follow-up X-rays were taken to ensure that her injury was healing properly.

Keeping Mia at rest was not easy, since she’s a young dog full of energy and affection. Like most dogs her age, she always wanted to play, run and jump! It was definitely a challenge to keep her calm. Fortunately, Mia received permission from our vets to stay with a foster family while she was recovering. She was regularly brought back to the SPCA for medical follow-ups and x-rays.

During her last visit, Mia and her foster family received excellent news: Mia’s pelvis was setting nicely. Mia is now being guided through daily physiotherapy exercises so that she can completely recover. She will soon be looking for a permanent home to call her own, where she can continue to receive proper follow-up care.


A special thank you

Thanks to the x-ray machine donated by a generous donor in memory of her cat Charlie, our veterinary team was able to quickly assess the extent of Mia’s injury and take regular follow-up X-rays to monitor her recovery. It is thanks to your donations that the Montreal SPCA can provide this kind of care to animals that have been in serious accidents. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your generosity!

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