Baloo to Be Reunited with His Family for the Holidays

On December 7th, the Montreal SPCA received a call from Purolator: a cat had been discovered in Montreal inside a package originating in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Yes, you read that correctly.

Baloo, a one-year-old cat, traveled over 1,200 kilometers before arriving safely in Montreal. Following this 17-hour journey, our team welcomed him with open arms and provided him with all the care he required. We’re relieved he made it to the end of his ordeal safe and sound, as this story could have had a tragic ending. How did Baloo get into this situation in the first place? It appears he sneaked into a box being prepared for shipment to catch a catnap.

Our research allowed us to quickly trace Baloo’s family, who were desperately searching for him. After putting up notices in her neighborhood and posting about him on social media, Baloo’s mother cried with relief when she learned that her cat was in Montreal, and was doing well.

Thanks to the invaluable help of Freedom Drivers, a group of volunteers that transport shelter animals, Baloo will be reunited with his loving family for the holidays!

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