What if the Montreal SPCA also Rescued Humans? – A Special Fundraising Campaign Being Launched Today

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Montréal, April 4, 2023 – Inflation is hitting the most vulnerable hardest, and its repercussions have led the Montreal SPCA to the sad realization that animal suffering often exists alongside human distress. The organisation is therefore launching a call for donations today to support its new community programs that give people in vulnerable situations a moment of relief. The three-week campaign aims to raise $100,000. Funds will help the SPCA develop these programs and meet growing demand. 

Hand-in-hand with community organizations 

The Montreal SPCA’s Special Shelter Program offers peace of mind to people going through tough times by temporarily taking in their furry companion until their situation stabilizes. Program beneficiaries may have no fixed address, been evicted, need to relocate quickly, be hospitalized or newcomers looking for a place to settle their family. It is important to note that the program is only available through the intervention and social workers at organizations that deal with these clienteles. 

Eligible animals stay with us for an average of two to three months. These cases require special attention, and a lot of coordination with different stakeholders and resources. However, the Program prevents unnecessary surrenders and brings comfort to people who are already going through a lot of hardship,” explains Jamie Saad, Community Projects Manager at the SPCA.   

Since its start in 2022, the Program has welcomed nearly 60 animals, mostly dogs. If the current trend continues, this number could double in 2023. The SPCA is counting heavily on the support of the kind-hearted animal lovers who will answer its call today. 

Food bank: Over a ton of pet food distributed in 2022 

The Montreal SPCA is becoming a true hub for redistributing pet food in Quebec. In 2022, over one tonne was donated and/or redistributed to food banks to help animal owners in precarious situations, shelters or animal sanctuaries. 

Companion animals provide essential comfort to the most vulnerable members of our society. A program like this one gives families a break—without them having to surrender their companion. 

A partnership with La Maison Benoît Labre 

The Montreal SPCA’s partnership with the Maison Benoît Labre is heading into its second consecutive year. A crucial resource in Montréal’s Sud-ouest borough for people experiencing homelessness, the Maison welcomes homeless people with their animals.  

Though Maison Benoît Labre has benefited from the Montreal SPCA’s food bank since 2021, this year a new component is added: SPCA’s specialists will now train Maison staff in animal behaviour, to help them maintain harmonious human-dog cohabitation. We hope this crucial initiative will continue to grow and its success will encourage other organizations to follow suit.  

Funded mostly by donations, the SPCA relies on animal lovers to help a growing number of humans and animals in need. 

Between now and April 24, please lend a helping hand to those who are most vulnerable. 


Source : Montreal SPCA

Montreal SPCA public relations officer : Jeanne Beauchamp, public relations account manager, tök communications, 514-535-0326 | ext. 201, jeanne@tokcommunications.ca

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Founded in Montréal in 1869, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (now better known as the Montreal SPCA) was the first animal-welfare organization in Canada. The SPCA has come a long way since its beginnings and is today the largest animal-protection organization in Québec, speaking on behalf of animals wherever there is ignorance, cruelty, exploitation or neglect.

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