Complex surgery changes Felix’s life for the better

In May 2019, a black cat was seen walking with difficulty and was brought to the Montreal SPCA.

Taken in by the team, Félix growled and spit at the technicians and veterinarians during his medical exam. Yet despite his fear and insecurity, he was still asking to be pet.

Our x-ray machines to the rescue

To find out what was causing the difficulty walking noted during his exam, we took x-rays of his legs. The x-rays helped us diagnose an old fracture of the femoral head near the hip joint. Félix still had a strong reaction when it was touched. Growling and spitting was his way of saying he was in pain.

A complicated surgery

To get back to normal, Félix needed a difficult surgery. Luckily, Dr. Carole-Anne Laurin and her team where able to do an arthroplasty of the femoral head and neck. The surgery entailed removing part of the femur that, along with the pelvis, made up the hip joint. Félix’s muscles would then hold the hip joint together, which relieves the pain but still allows him to use his leg.

A sad story with a happy ending

Félix got the royal treatment from the Montreal SPCA staff while he recovered. He even found a forever home!

Stories like this are quite common at our shelter, and it’s largely thanks to you that our team is able to save thousands of animals and help them find loving homes. Thank you for doing your part to contribute to their well-being!

Jennie Lamanque is studying Arts and Humanities at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and writes for the Montreal SPCA. She does everything she can to reduce her ecological footprint as much as possible. She combines her love of animals and writing to encourage people to make more ethical choices.

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