Cruelty-free winter fashion

Do you need a warm coat and new boots for the cold season? Here are some suggestions free from animal by-products to replace your old winter gear.

Matt & Nat
Animal-free shoes, boots and bags

Vegan coats, made in Canada

Save the DuckStaff favourite at the SPCA
Vegan coats, also available at Winners and Simons

Vegan coats, made in Canada

Animal-free coats and accessories.

Two gold mines for beautiful and ethical discoveries: Etsy and local thrift stores!

These companies offer nice option for your canine companions:

Canada Pooch
Chilly Dogs

RC Pet Products

Why fur-free?

In addition to killing millions of animals each year in Canada, the fur industry is not as environment-friendly as it would like us to think. In fact, it greatly contributes to soil and water pollution because various chemicals are necessary for tanning, washing, dyeing and finishing skins. Furthermore, mink and fox farms – the main animals exploited for their fur – waste drinking water and animal feed in addition to contributing to global warming.

Why no wool?

The wool industry is directly linked to the meat industry; sheep and lambs raised for wool are usually killed for human consumption after only a few months or years of life. Australia is one of the largest producers of wool. The mulesing technique, which consists of cutting off the tail and part of the skin on the sheep’s rump, is a common practice to minimize the risk of myiasis infection (flystrike). Ouch!

Why no leather?

Leather is a by-product from the meat industry. The majority of leather on the market comes from India, Bangladesh and China. Since there aren’t regulations obliging manufacturers to indicate the origin of the leather on labels, it is impossible to trace its country of origin or know which animal it comes from: cattle, goat, dog, cat or other. In addition, the leather industry is highly detrimental to the health of workers, who must dip their hands in toxic products and dyes during the treatment of the skins on a daily basis.

Why no down?

Down derives from birds mainly raised for meat or foie gras. This is yet another by-product of the meat industry. Two methods are used to pluck geese and ducks: (1) alive and extremely painful: tearing the feathers from the bodies of fully conscious birds; (2) dead: plucking once the birds are dead.

You can say no to this cruelty by purchasing products that don’t encourage the exploitation of animals!

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