Dog beater sentenced to prison time

A man pled guilty to animal cruelty for abusing his dog after our Investigations Division received a complaint in his regard nearly two years ago. The story of this dog—renamed Miller by our team—restores our faith in justice and highlights the importance of citizen vigilance for animal welfare!

The facts
In January 2017, the Montreal SPCA’s Investigations Division received a complaint indicating that a man brutally beat his dog. After obtaining a search warrant, our animal protection officers arrived on the scene and seized Miller to bring him to the shelter.

Our veterinary team examined Miller to assess his physical condition and gave him the care he needed. We then placed him with a temporary foster home, where he was showered with the love and kindness he deserved. In this nurturing environment, Miller turned out to be curious, playful and exceptionally affectionate!

Facing criminal charges, Miller’s owner accepted to surrender him to the Montreal SPCA.

90 days in prison
In September 2019, Miller’s former owner pled guilty to one count of cruelty to animals for having caused undue suffering to his dog. The man was sentenced to 90 days of imprisonment, was imposed a five-year prohibition on owning animals and a 12-month probation period that includes the obligation to undergo anger management therapy.

In general, sentences handed out for animal cruelty in Quebec are considerably less harsh compared to the rest of Canada. However, this recent case provides hope that the province is catching up and that things will change for the better!

What happened to Miller?
Good news! Miller was adopted by his foster family! Now, his adoptive parents give him the royal treatment: he gets to go swimming, take long walks and sleep in. They positively adore him!

Miller is simply a phenomenon. He makes everyone he meets smile. We are in awe of how well he responds to new people and new experiences, despite his less than perfect past.  All Miller wants is to be close to those he loves… and treats, lots of yummy treats. We feel so lucky to share the daily life of such an awesome dog.

– Miller’s adoptive family

All’s well that ends well for Miller! Many thanks to individuals who report the animal cruelty they witness to our Investigations Division. Their vigilance gives animals in distress a second chance!

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