Eight good reasons to adopt an older animal

While it’s true that kittens and puppies are undeniably adorable, older animals are extremely lovable companions, whose biggest hope is to find a forever home. They have a lot of love to give and are simply waiting for a second chance.

Adopting an older animal at the Montreal SPCA is life-changing, for both yourself and the animal. Here are eight good reasons to embark on this adventure:

1- Their stable personalities… Our team of experts will share their observations of the animal with you, so you’ll immediately know if you’re dealing with an animal who is playful, calm, shy, socia-ble, affectionate, rash, etc. This will help minimize unexpected surprises when you get home!

2- They know how to relax… They enjoy napping in the afternoon, while you binge-watch your latest TV series! And even if they require exercise and enjoy playing, older animals tend to have a calmer general disposition.

3- They require less training… Being older means they’ve already acquired and mastered most, if not all, the basic skills. Of course, some of them may have their little habits (such as jumping on the couch when you’re not looking). But our team of experts will give you all the tools you’ll need in your adventure with your new accomplice.

4- They’re great companions for beginners… And we can help in evaluating, on the spot, whether the animal’s needs match your lifestyle.

5- Their greying fur is rather cute… There’s no debate on this one, right?

6- They let you sleep at night… They don’t chase down your toes whenever you change position. On top of that, like us, they enjoy sleeping in!

7- They’re patiently waiting for the perfect family… Much like Belle, who stayed with us for a few months before being adopted by a wonderful couple. The most important thing is for them to find a loving home, regardless of how long it takes. Thanks to your generous donations, we’ve developed different programs, tailored to the needs of each animal, to give them the best chances.

8- You’ll make a huge difference in the life of your new companion… And the strength of the bond you’ll form with your new buddy will surprise you! Adopting an experienced animal will be the be-ginning of a wonderful adventure, which will enrich your life in ways you cannot predict.

Of course, each animal has a unique history and personality, which is why our adoption counsellors will be happy to offer any guidance or assistance you may need and introduce you to our mature friends, here at the shelter.

Come down to the Montreal SPCA and meet them!

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