Help us save more kittens!

You may already know this, but the Montreal SPCA shelter can take in two to three times more animals in summer than during the rest of the year. On top of the animals left behind during moving season, there are also many cats giving birth during this period. And did you know that kitten birthing season now lasts longer because of climate change?

Full litters of unweaned orphaned kittens are left at the shelter every week.

These tiny babies need constant care and attention to survive. During their first weeks of life, they need to be kept warm and hand-fed, one at a time, every three hours.

Consequently, we train foster homes and give them the materials they need to help these kittens survive. One $60 kit allows them to take care of three kittens until they’re strong enough to be sterilized and adopted.

We have already saved so many little ones! If you have already donated to our emergency kitten campaign, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

If you haven’t yet had the chance to give, we still need your support to help all the kittens who will arrive in the coming weeks!


We have two incubators at the shelter, which help us care for the most vulnerable newborns. Each machine costs $2,000, and we hope to purchase one or two more so we are prepared to provide the best care possible to these abandoned kittens.

Join the community of people who help us care for these defenseless kittens by giving a gift today!

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