Three rescued horses await adoption

Thanks to a partnership with Galahad, the Quebec Association for the Protection of Horses, the Montreal SPCA is able to help horses in need. Last year alone, seven horses were rescued and made available for adoption. Among them, four mares have been adopted and the remaining three horses (males) are now looking for their forever homes.


Don Juan, Charlie and Trésor’s story

Having been deprived of socialization and care, these magnificent horses were going to be slaughtered, but we took them under our wing and placed them in temporary shelters to rehabilitate them and ultimately find adoptive homes for them. Since the animals had never had their hooves attended to or been examined by a veterinarian, we quickly provided them with the medical care they needed and also sterilized them.

Because they had spent many years isolated in their stalls (boxes), without being able to enjoy regular outings and socialization, they were fearful and difficult to handle. Luckily, this is now a thing of the past – today, they go out every day and have started trusting humans. Besides, they love to be petted!


Help us find them forever homes

Don Juan (age 11), Charlie (age 19) and Trésor (age 10) each deserve to find a loving home where they will receive plenty of care and the space they require.

Please share their story to help us find adoptive homes.

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