To the rescue of three puppies from the Far North

Every year, the Montreal SPCA helps dozens of puppies from the Far North. There, they often live as strays without veterinary care. We are pleased to take them in whenever we can and to offer them the treatment they need to go on to live a good life. This was the case for Rosie, Flynn and Romeo who urgently needed help and found refuge in our facilities.

Major skin problems

The three puppies were examined by our veterinary team as soon as they arrived in Montreal. Rosie and Flynn were suffering from canine demodicosis, which can be seen as a red inflamed skin and patchy hair loss, particularly on the head, as was the case for both dogs. The female puppy also had skin lesions caused by a secondary bacterial infection. They were then prescribed antiparasitics and regular follow-ups to monitor the progress of their recovery.

Placed in an experienced foster home, the three puppies were given the most loving of care. Quite fearful at first, they ended up trusting their humans, who used lots of patience, treats and snuggles to win the puppies over. The dogs also received all the treatment they needed to get back on their feet.

Today, Rosie, Flynn and Romeo are enjoying their new life to the fullest. They’re getting the love they deserve, and they even watch animal shows snuggled up on the couch!

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Antiparasitic treatment — $15
Basic immunization — $20
Veterinary examination — $35
Sterilization — $150

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Your help is key

The Montreal SPCA depends on donations from the public to take in and care for some 600 to 1,600 animals each month. Special operations like this one are made possible by your gifts and by the Bryant-Mapes Fund for The Care of Dogs.

The Bryant-Mapes Fund

A heartfelt thanks to Floranna Bryant and Dorothy Mapes, who put the care of animals into their will and created the Bryant-Mapes Fund for The Care for Dogs. In addition to having a big reach and helping puppies like Rosie, Flynn and Romeo, this type of gift is easier to plan than you might think. Learn more about making a bequest.

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