Unexpected reunion for Lima and Noah!

Have you ever adopted a puppy and witnessed her separation from her siblings? A rather heartbreaking moment, I concede it to you. That’s why we wanted to share a story that is both touching and surprising.

In January 2019, a litter of unweaned puppies arrived at the shelter. The dedicated Montreal SPCA team provided them with attentive care and a comfortable environment conducive to their socialization. After weaning, every puppy found a forever home.

A happy coincidence

A few months later, the SPCA received news from one of the puppy’s family. The adoptive family was returning from the dog park with their little Lima when the family was honked at by a car. The driver stopped and asked where Lima was adopted from. It was then that a small furry head appeared at the window from inside the car. It was Noah, one Lima’s littermates!

The official reunion was made during a walk a few days later. Lima and Noah have reacquainted themselves and, to quote the adoptive family: “It was way too adorable”. Already, Sunday playdates are scheduled for both brother and sister. Its fantastic, the way things pan out!

Jennie Lamanque is studying Arts and Humanities at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and writes for the Montreal SPCA. She does everything she can to reduce her ecological footprint as much as possible. She combines her love of animals and writing to encourage people to make more ethical choices.

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