Urgent: Hundreds of animals are counting on you!

Urgent need for medical equipment

An increasing number of injured and sick animals are being brought to the shelter. Access to veterinary care has become difficult for many families, and we’re seeing an increase in surrenders for this reason. The growing and urgent need for veterinary care is putting a lot of pressure on us and our medical equipment. We’re asking for your help so we can meet this pressing need. 

Make a donation by May 20 and it will be matched by the Fondation Ranger-Doyle!

Current urgent needs

The following medical equipment would enable us to save more lives:  

  • Warming pads ($180) 
  • Infusion warmers ($1,652) 
  • Infusion pumps ($2,840) 
  • Hydraulic tables ($10,200) 

hHelp us upgrade our medical equipment so we can treat sick and injured animals. 

Petitcœur, the sweetest of cats

When he arrived at the SPCA, Petitcœur had multiple health problems, including an allergic reaction to fleas, a heart murmur, gum disease and glaucoma. The clinic staff made every effort to treat him. He received dental treatment and had a diseased eye removed. 

Our veterinarians and animal health technicians needed to use several pieces of the clinic’s medical equipment for these meticulous interventions. Thanks to the support of generous people like you, Petitcœur recovered well from his operations! 

The donations we receive will enable us to quickly examine, treat and operate the hundreds of animals we take in every month. Make a donation by May 20 and it will be matched by the Fondation Ranger-Doyle! 

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