Some tips to help you find a lost animal

Post a photo and description of your animal on social media, such as Facebook, in lost & found pet directories such as and classified ads sites, such as,,, etc.

Print posters in colour with a photo and description of your animal and your phone number. Have them laminated to protect them from rain or snow. Distribute them in your neighbourhood and display them on all street corners, near the last location where your animal was seen, and also at local veterinary clinics, pet stores, dog parks, convenience stores and grocery stores.

Talk to your neighbours and anyone you think may be able to help you. If they have not seen your animal, they can still keep an eye out.

Actively search your neighbourhood at different times of day. A frightened cat will be more inclined to respond to your voice when the environment is calm and quiet, at dawn for example.

If the lost animal is a cat, spread used litter around your lot, bushes, etc. The familiar smell might attract him/her. Repeat every two days.

During the summer, cats sometimes hide in sheds and garages.

Notify your local police station and/or public security, as they are often informed when a dog is found.

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